Sunday, December 9, 2007


I awake at 6am and roll out of bed
I'm not even fully functioning this early and still having fragments of dreams drift aimlessly through the fog in my head
I perform all the regular routines, like showering, brushing my teeth, and debating on leaving quickly or actually taking the time to eat breakfast and being late for my job
But on this morning after everything was said and done I reached for my doorknob to realize that a hand was attached to my right wrist with nothing following it, just a hand
White as death, with fingers flexing themselves into my flesh, and tattooed on its dirty, pale knuckles was the word "rent"
And of course I was extremely startled by this and immediately used my left hand to attempt to pry it off my skin
But there on my other wrist was another hand with the exact same appearance only this one had the word "work" marked on it
When I pulled them their elongated fingernails only sank deeper in, and hitting them against other objects did nothing to loosen their grip
I was in a blind panic when I tried running into the kitchen to find a sharp instrument to cut them free
When something prevented my left foot from moving and sent me crumbling to my knees
I looked back to find another independent appendage with the word "hate" carved into its length
Then I feel the pressure of another skeletal vice latched onto my right and the word "fear" runs into my sight
I stand only to be hit off balance, falling backwards, impacting with the floor and sprawling myself out across the Welcome mat next to the door
There on my chest is another five fingered guest with the word "stress" inked across its expanse
Pushing down with an amazing force keeping me nailed in place while the others pull my limbs in opposite ways
I scream for them to stop when I hear the sounds of my bones pop, as they drop from their sockets and fill the empty space with a pain both red and hot
Then in the moment I'm about to completely lose it, just break down, and hope to die
An army of arms burst from my gut and effortlessly start to brush all the hands aside
Wrapping themselves around me they envelop me in a grace that denies the fates that played out around me
Soundless parts of bodies enamoring me, strengthening me, pulling the pieces together and restructuring me
And etched into each of their forearms are words like family, friends, music, poetry, integrity, hope, honesty, and love
My armor for the outside world, my coat of arms, my defiance of any force that intends to hold me down and bring me harm
Bulletproof charms that circle my torso and deflect clips of antithesis that barrel towards my heart
They are my unspoken support beams and foundations cemented in art
So when I get overwhelmed and torn apart
I can still stand up, dust myself off, and walk out that door

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katie cowden said...

i really like this one. dny would too, show it to him!