Saturday, February 9, 2008


This is your skin
This is your skin against me
And this is the reaction to something as simple as a hug that lasted too long cause we needed to feel our bodies pressed together
And I was just a skeleton in your closet that crawled out into your parking lot to move to the rhythm of your nervous heart beat and the possibilities of how your presence can flesh out these bones into something real
Something true
Something that could be waiting for me everyday that I could come home to
But metaphors don't do justice to anything I'd want to say
All I could do is grab you and put everything I have into my lips to try to push his kiss out of the way
And I don't want to step on toes, but its hard not to when I dance with your image all day
Come rest your head and let me capture you in my rib cage, cause for the last five years there has been a vacant spot since I let you walk out
Lying placid in my indifference, hollow, and completely absent minded
I couldn’t view beyond the interior of my own eyelids to see what I was missing
But as I stand here naked in my regret, the weight of the past sits directly on my chest
I feel it almost cave in, with the heavy sighs that erupt from my diaphragm
Echoing with the memory of your eyes that pry into my own, pristine hazel tones, that vibrate through my mind every second till its the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night
I need to deconstruct your frame and rebuild it, so I can know every inch of your insides
Every part of your body, Every hill and valley, Every imperfection that makes you radiate as a whole
Every human piece that reminds me of what I wake up for
What I could wake up to
I need to fall in love with every bit of your form
I could drive to you and wait outside your door every night for an answer with the sound of footsteps like earthquakes thundering behind a wooden barrier
They tremble in the same motion that my nerves ripple through my limbs
I could cast shadows that blanket you in your bed and work their hands under the small of your back reminding you that you don't have to fall so fast
Cause I've waited
I've waited
And I'm still waiting to give you these bones so I could linger in your flesh

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