Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sentences Behind Your Eyes

I didn't want to march outside and change your world
I just wanted to get out of bed
I didn't want to blow your mind with these words
I just wanted you to let me sit inside your head and catch fragments of thoughts like refridgerator magnets and arrange them into sentences behind your eyes
Now close them and read this with me
I don't want to be your savior anymore
I never wanted you to look up to me
I wanted you to level with me
I wanted you to realize that you're worth much more than you give yourself credit for
I didn't lose myself in your skin because of the make up you wear, or your new shoes, or the way you fixed your hair
Its cause sometimes your words would float in the air and I breathed them in
Till they came back out of my fingertips in uncontrollable bursts like when I wrote this
I wish you could march inside and change my mind
I wish you didn't feel so alone with a thorn in your side
Now close your eyes
I don't want to be your devastator anymore
Stop calling me
Stop calling me cause I can't stop picking up
Your voice is the cigerette after I just quit
I need to hold it in my lungs
And exhale back into the phone
I admit to the truth
I say things you shouldn't hear right now
Of course I miss you
But I have to hang up sometime soon
I have to disconnect from you
But you never say goodbye
You just fall asleep on the line
And I still listen to you breathe when you do
Now close your eyes
I don't want to love you anymore
But I still get that knot in my stomach and that knock on my door
Two AM and you can't sleep without me
And I can't say no
So here you are
Asleep in my bed again
I'm just waiting to burn the sheets and wash off your fingerprints when I trace words into your curves
Everything that I should have already said
A confession of half truths and little white lies that starts with "I wish" and ends with "good bye"
Now open your eyes
I'm sorry
Even though that word means nothing to you anymore

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