Monday, January 14, 2008


There's openings of black sky midnights that separates your beauty marks, stretching over expanses of unexplored canvas I'd like to design
Use my fingertips like paintbrushes decorating landscapes that illustrate the maps inside my mind
Design a pathway to a mansion with 56 floors, each one filled with portraits of years that came before, pictures that don't feature people but just emotions, that glow and move on their own
And when we reach the roof we can touch the heavens and pull the essence from the night so you hold it in your eyes and I can watch you shine
Burn embroidered signatures into the depths of our chests that say that I belonged to you until death
And you can shine like a star that only wakes after dusk
You can shine and write love letters to our children on the clouds in stardust and whisper fragments of half the love I've been privileged to receive into them and let it rain down
And you can shine a light that reflects like God's smile glowing off the tops of oceans of love potions that swallow the hearts of men and women, intertwining with the blood in their veins till they shine like a lighthouse in torrential rain
And the dust of our bones will drift past the villages of witches and undeserving princes
Past the boroughs of three heads dogs and two inch tall tree dwelling elves
Past the fields of iocane powder and life waging Sicilian men
Past a world of enchanted wonders that no one thought to be true, just as no one thought it was possible to love you the way I do
So marry me in a kingdom past a portal to another world through a gap a in stone wall
After I announce myself to the six fingered man who killed my father and challenge him to a duel
And slay a dragon that holds a ruby for a heart so that I can ask an eight foot tall blacksmith with arms like tree trunks to fashion it onto a ring for you
Then provide the horns on the alter of an elder God who will carry me back on a gust of wind
And I can live off the fairy tales I created on your skin

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