Sunday, November 18, 2007

Candy Man: A Cautionary Piece

The years of scrubbing your smooth skin hasn't washed off the venom you born with
You were cursed with a disposition to poison men that let you in, use you up and spit you out again
Your environment breeds unfortunate seeds that don't have the strength to push past the crust of the earth
You're part of the individuals born into holes in the dirt, practically doomed from their birth
Surviving off the residue of lovers that left you when you clawed your name on the flesh of their chest
And I hate to tell you this, but I'm not any better than the rest
On paper I'm all good intentions and air tight alibis, but I only brought you to my bedroom so I can swallow your soul one bite at
a time
I enjoy running my hands over your frame, finger fucking the stitches out of your emotional scars
So I can pull them apart and stick my face in to get a good look at the daddy shaped hole in your heart
Truth is I'm just another vulture sitting under your nest, watching you squirm from how your father pushed you out too fast
And 50 feet down you still flutter on the ground, wishing for wings that work, bleeding internally, performing physical favors for anyone
lonely or horny enough to buy you a drink at the bar
Cause you're struggling to find water in a desert of empty pleasures that only leave you further dehydrated and violated
by steel wool finger tips that scratch your lips, scrape the flesh from your hips until they unhinge their jaws to devour whats left, leaving
only a name you can refer to in the past tense
Legions of men forming lines to your bed filling holes that are stretched like the veins in your arms that stream chemicals to your heart
and everything is only an awkward effort to find a new beginning to the chapters that keep ending with you waiting for phone calls that never
Cause you gave them the ending before your evening was done
Then you wonder why the tally marks are adding up on your inner thighs
So allow me to give you a little insight tonight
Look at me, fucking look at me
I'm one of those guys, standing up and raising my hand, admitting that I didn't feel anything when I slipped out of your life
You're just another vehicle that I pushed into a lake of lies so I could watch you drown inside
And I absolutely love it when you fight with me so I can eat the meat off your spite, blow my smoke in your eyes, and leave a shell of girl
that had high hopes for a world that would some how mend all her broken bones and wipe the tears that she cried
In this one moment of heart felt sincerity I hope you grow up and accept your own responsibility
Stop talking to strangers that claim to have new flavors of candy that you can take home and taste
Cause I got a whole bag full, so don't trust every friendly face

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