Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm on to you
I know what you are now
And I never really noticed it before because you're outer appearance is never the same
And I never see you again, not in the same exact place, not with the same exact face, but something about you always stays the same
A face that is meant to be delicately chiseled into a marble slab
A hand crafted masterpiece that still has its imperfections and cracks, instead of a center fold face that comes out of a plastic cast
A body that looks like a real woman, like a classic beauty, not like these anorexic train wrecks that somehow pass for attractive these days
And though it is the form that you take that always catches my eye, its not what keeps it there as you gracefully walk by
Its as if your skin is made out of glass, and your rib cage divides into sections and pulls itself back so I can see past everything that everyone else sees
And there you are
A little ball of energy that glows so bright that it absolutely shadows out everyone elses light
Its your core, or your source, or your essense, how ever you want to phrase it, its there
And you always come out of nowhere, as if all the particles in the room were sucked in and combusted in the moment that I blinked, creating you
A beautiful distant star that usually hides in the dark, but for one brave moment you shoot across my view
And I don't know what to do
I pace around the aisle pretending like I'm going about my normal business, every so often glancing around to make sure you haven't moved
I'm trying my best not to stare directly at you, but I'm sure you're not oblivious
You know that I'm looking and you probably also know that I'm trying to muster up the courage to say hello
I can play two hour shows without missing a beat, or stand in front of an audience screaming about fucking, but for some reason
I can't even approach you
Then as quickly as you appeared, you implode into yourself and completely disappear
I always miss my opportunity, so I wrote this in hopes that you could somehow hear
Don't give up on me
I know it has to be frustrating but I don't have the light I need to be with you yet
I thought I saw you in others, but every time realized that it was only a spark, my core dimmed and now its practically gone dark
So please don't stop showing up
One day I might just sneak up on you by surprise
Then we can sit down together like two headlights driving down a deserted highway to somewhere we've never been before
We'll find the edge of the world and fall continuously into each other until you and I don't exist anymore
All that's left is the plural of us in a singular love

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